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Bing Maps Extensions is a set of helpers that extend Bing Maps for Enterprise with functionality not implemented directly by the Bing Maps API.

VEToolkit has been renamed Bing Maps Extensions!
You can still download the older VEToolkit stuff for Bing Maps Ajax v6; however we are currently working on a new version of the toolit for the new Bing Maps Ajax v7 Control.

In the News

2009-04-08 - Simplovation release open source VEToolkit for Virtual Earth via
2009-01-27 - VEToolkit: A must have for all Virtual Earth Developers! via Marc Schweigert
2009-01-25 - VEToolkit - Virtual Earth Toolkit v6.2.012509.1053 Released! via Chris Pietschmann

Team Members

Chris Pietschmann - Chris is a Microsoft MVP for Bing Maps, a Co-Founder of Carto LLC, and the Owner of Simplovation LLC. You can view Chris' blog at

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